What things can i protract/disable by this app? and how ?

If you go to the app dashboard, then you will find option/button settings or create.

Then the five tabs will open.

  1. general Settings ( For disabling/enabling app )

In the first tab, there is an option for enabling/disabling the app, if you want to disable this app not uninstall then you can uncheck this option.

By default, this option will be checked. But If your app is not working after install then you can check this option that this option is enabled or not.

2. Disable Right-click ( For disable right click on images, links, input fields like text box, password etc, texts )

There are four options for enabling/disabling right click on images, links, input fields, and texts.

3. Disable Drag & Drop

As well designer or developers know that if right click is disabled on images then we can save the image by dragging the image to desktop or in a folder simply. Also same for texts.

You can set settings for drag and drop images and text for your website.

4. Disable Text Selection

From here you can disable/enable text selection on website texts and input fields. After enable and save this option text on your website not select simply select text my mouse or keyboard.

5. Disable Keypress ( Shortcuts )

If you want to stop keypress on your website. then this option will help you.

You can check these option for stop shortcut keypress.

Still if you feel any issue, Please feel free to contact to our support team.

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