color setup of popup contents.

For color setup popup, options are available in settings of this app.

For go to settings page please go to For this, you can go to the app dashboard >> settings button >> then in color settings.

Then you will see eight options colors for set colors of popup contents.

the first two colors ( Quick Container Button Text Color, Quick View Button Background Color ) are for quick view button, which will appear on, on hover.

The next two buttons ( Quick View Button Hover Background Color, Quick View Button Text Hover Color ) are for on hover the buttons color setup.

The next four buttons ( Add To Cart Button Background Color, View Details Button Background Color, Product Name Color, Product Price Color )

are here, from here you can set up colors of these. You can understand easily color setup of these button in below-given image.

after changing the color of any action please don’t forget to click on save settings button. Else your changes will not save and your changes will not reflect the live site.

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